20 Billion Cooking Oil Scandal

Another Scandal loading …
When it rains , it pours … :thinking:

Following this one too :green_emoji:

Boss …
Mchezo Kando …

This is now getting very serious …
BABA and AZIMIO need to step in and save the Nation …:roll_eyes:

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The moi error is back!


Naelewa bro…its bad but what do you expect from all the shady line up. Hii set up imejaa wagondi


Sema mteso, upo?

Niaje engineer wa BJ…ule Kimakia alikuwa anakuthombotha alienda wapi? Ama uli loose grip akajikata

Huyu mati-yung alishindwa na kazi

Nimekusalimia kiheshima lakini vile umezoea kukaa Kati ya maraya you can help it but be foul mouthed.

Have never seen a mannerless teso man like you.

If there is God, he must strike those motherfuckers looting the country as Kenyans are suffering with very high fuel prices and high taxes as those dogs loot to fuck their whores .
They must be punished as we watch so that their stollen billions can’t help them in their suffering. Only that can equalise the sufferings innocent Kenyans are undergoing.
Yaani mbwa zinasanya birrions which if utilised can create enough jobs to help millions of youths .
They want to spend it with their few spawns .
Such a sick country.
I again thank raila coz if he kept quiet hizi MBWA zingeogeza Tu bei ya fuer as usual.
Hizi mbwa hata museveni amechoka nazo .
Hizi mbwa mungu anafaa kutuulizia .every single god in sea ,lakes ,skies or trees must strike hizi MBWA

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Hizi zikifanyika kwani Niko wapi?

Ulikuwa unapanua na kunusa.


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