1st Anniversary.

Actually it was 6th October 2016 but what the hell, Friday I was busy, jana was checking on my son, so Leo ndio nimepata nafasi to mark my one year with one ball. Niko discreet location na Mrs. Mundu celebrating. Ya mungu ni mengi, yaani nitaishi na kende moja all my life.

Ferk you @introvert , you came up with the word “monoballer”.

Happy Monoball Day…monoballer :D:D:D

Yaani @ luther alipita hadi na @Bingwa moja.

You can consider ball transplant with @uwesmake as the donor, he got 3 balls.

That is one time I experienced the brorherliness of this village. @Luther12 thanks for your moral support bro. You gave me the courage and encouragement to face it .

@admin unasumbua

Ignore and pass.

If you have enough children, balls are the least of your worries because you no longer need them. Ingekuwa serious issue if you were below 30 and childless.

You’re always welcome buddy.

Testosterone tutoe wapi?:confused:

Way to go. Embracing, accepting and celebrating deformity.


Courage bro…could have been worse.

Omwami men show support in different ways.
I find laughing takes the edge out of many situations.
That said, I am glad that one year down the line things are ‘balanced’.

This TBT depicted Panya Nappy Seal TV Owner No. 1 as the generous ball donor.


leta link ya when you narrated how you became a mono.

Pia mimi nataka kuona hio narration.Ama iling’oka enyewe ikaanguka akiwa latrine.

Ndio maana unakuanga na umama sana… Mimi siwezi tolewa…

:smiley: Shots fired.

Sio wewe unafanya huo uamuzi.

:D:D:D the chicken ate the ball? Ha ha ha this is unfair.