1GB for ksh 49

So it seems the competition between isps is becoming stiffer by the day… Airtel is offering a new 1gb bundle for ksh 49 daily.Comparing with telkoms 400mb and safaricoms 150 mb, this deal is so bomb.In practical terms ango @uwesmake has around 1.5hrs of hd porn… And around 6hrs of sd shemale porn.
Ni hayo tu.

Airtel network yake ni MEFFI.

Hio 1gb ni ya 1hr… Si 24hrs… Soma fine print kiyana.

You lost me at Airtel…

Bundles za saf ni fake, buy the same amount of bundles kwa telkom and you can clearly see the difference.

Of late we are are not getting value for money. I guess they don’t have capacity. Lately to connect in shida tupu.

Telecom iko sawa

airtel ata upewe 10GB haitakusaidia speeds zao ni bure sana can’t even surpass 200kb/s

ni 1 day

Depends pale unaishi. Pale naishi Airtel inaenda ni kama imetumwa

Telekom 1gb iko on point.

got 100gb on 90days for 4.999k on telkom

Kwa maskan, Airtel network siyo poa. Nani yuko na coverage map ya faiba 4g?

Uko pande gani ?

Route 44 huko karibu na jela.

If you have a phone supporting band 28 just get a sim and them try it out since JTL have not provided a map.Before i got the sim and a mifi i sent them an email and they said that Lower Kabete /Wangige had weak signal but when i got home with the sim the reception was ok and thats when i decided to buy the mifi.Thats what currently what i am using.

Will give a try.

Airtell kwangu take time!

airtel iko sawa hawa watu wenyewe wanaishi kwa pango ndio wako na shida

telkom 1gb @ 100.