1995 Beijing's Women Conference Ruined This World. FemiNazis Were Emboldened

If you were around and old enough you will remember The Beijing Women Conference.


Nyiva Mwendwa was among the women who attended. She must’ve been a minister. She and akina Ngilu came back with a lot of maneno you’d think their wares had been fitted with gold.

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I can see you were old enough. There is even a sing by a Mountaineer who mentions Beijing Conference as the cause of modern day troubles

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Mbona huyo mountaineer anogopa wanawake?! Anyways, that conference caused a little stir in our collective psyc so much affirmative action ikaongezeka, tukaanza kuambiwa vile wiminz wako empowered (we know this was rubbish back then because women were still looked down upon even by their own gender), and finally, pale results za national exams tukaanza kuambiwa vile “girls are taking over.” It has borne so much fruit, but we are yet to get to the point where we can purposefully declare that the genders are equal.

It was in the papers for days. Nyiva actually went with her hairstylist. You couldn’t convince anyone in the whole country that M01 wasn’t chewing the goods. Is she still around??

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Hehehehe nyiva mwenda’s fortunes zilididimia banae.The last time i heard about her she was doing grave yard shift in a gas station in some remote town in Texas state kule yues.