1980s Uk Adverts #TBT

Ile ya “uko na charger” ya Airtel is brilliant and someone will use it as a TBT clip 20-30 years from now.



are you sure? methinks it is stupid…

I love that advert:)

You sound like a grumpy old man:D:D

Maybe I am:D:D, but what is uniquely creative about that advert ? Uniquely creative is what makes a grill ad…

it’s not about being creative but it’s humorous…

Unaona ile ingine ya jamaa anauza ndizi kisha anachuna zingine? That is a brilliant ad.

Weka hapa tu-judge :smiley:

35 seconds of a message clearly delivered

Just reinforces the practise that is prevalent in Kenya. Theft is normal in Kenya. And that is a corporate passing on the message…totally wrong.
But if you ask me,this was creative:


My nephew loves the ad… he stops everything he is doing just to watch it… ingine noma ni hii

Attimes u must not overthink thinks…u will always endup with things to dislike