1958 Ford Edsel

The Ford Edsel was doomed once the hype machine surrounding the car got rolling. The marketing department at Ford led everyone to believe the Edsel would be a fantastical car of the future, a plutonium powered scientific wonder. What they delivered was a Mercury. The Edsel wasn’t that bad a car. Sure it looked kinda plain, it drank gas, and it was far too expensive, especially during the 50’s recession, but it wasn’t as bad as it’s made out to be. Some critics blame the Edsel’s failure on the grille,which resembled a vagersal. Apparently 50’s America was really phobic about the female nether regions. In truth it was probably a mixture of all of [ATTACH=full]73664[/ATTACH] the above as well as the public jumping on the bandwagon with critics.


regardless I would love to own one. I love classics in the near future I would like start a classic restoration project… kitu kama hii


Gari kama hizi most likely huwezi pata Kenya na kuimport KRA watakubali?

What if it’s a collectable car

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collectible ni wewe na watu wenu. KRA apan tambua

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They do allow ukisema ni ya concours d’elegance ama car exhibition fulani.Tax rate ni tofauti though.

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Na utaget licence kweli?
How about importing through Ug ?

Kila kitu utapata. Kuimport from UG sina much details though niliambiwa ni ngumu kama mawe. Labda ilibadilika

wapi hii option? kuna vile i might hit a jackpot niingize lowrider complete with hydraulics

all I want is the shell the rest I can improvise .

growing up I knew I doctor who had a sleek lowrider, but he was a drunkard he used to have accidents quite often eventually the car was neglected and left to rot. I wish could still find him.

Hii ni gari smart kabisa.
In my eyes the best Celica.

is it possible to find such beauties here I have joined all classic cars groups on Facebook just to try and find a shell for this Celica.

There was one in Langata some years back but I was too heavily committed at the time.


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The americans and mexicans love this cars…ni mingi saana huko.

i have been watching Cuban chrome on discovery turbo… I was surprised to see the numbers of classic they have, almost all the cars there are classics.

Hapa umedanganya.

  1. Concours is a private event and has nothing to do with taxes or KRA
  2. Hizo gari za Concours from other countries are usually not registered with Kenyan plates. They are brought it and shipped out right after or parked in the garage until next event
  3. 8 year rule applies to all vehicles

Hehehe, unfortunately for you, the person who gave me the info works for KRA. You don’t.

Humour me a bit. There’s various muscle cars dotted around Nairobi’s hoods. There’s even a yellow one that frequents Jogoo road which is left hand drive. How did they get in, get registered and be deemed worthy to grace kenyan roads if KRA did not permit antique vehicle importation?

Niliambiwa na a good buddy of mine who works at KRA. I didn’t get into too much details coz it wasn’t an immediate need.

I had a feeling you’d counter with something in those lines so we will just leave it that.