19 Year old School girl Assaults 2 Policemen and taken to hospital



This is bad, it’ll only encourage lawlessness and the same idiots who are applauding will the same buffoons rushing to the stations to book cases when it comes to pass.

But what was the police man doing with an underage?

Your excellency a 19 year old is licensed to be dicked down

This story is almost a week old if I ain’t wrong!

More than 1 week old. Nyang’au zilikutana zikalimana, then clarity sets in after the fight.


Wait till tables are reversed and wait if jubilation will be the same. Oooh…I forgot, a 19 year old girl was gang raped and killed in Kakamega today.

Habari za Shimo la Tewa? Some people are too slow.( aviator, 2015)

Shika picha mdau,ingawa story ni kitamvo kidogo,watu ya bandos hawafunguagi you tube

Form 3 na ako 19 years? Uyo atamaliza na twedi one magai