18650 lithium batteries

Guys I’m looking for lithium batteries for some project, I’ve searched online but cannot see any reliable source, does anyone here engage in such trade or magnet someone selling, kindly point me

niliwahi import from aliexpress lakini ilikaa miezi kadhaa, na label ilikuwa inasema “USB cable”.
ni kama mwenye alituma alismuggle

lakini naona ukienda kwa maduka za mafundi huwezi kosa. juu iko wasee huwa wanarefurbish mabattery za laptop na hizo

What do you need exactly and what Lithium family is you looking for? Is it Lithium ion or Lithium Iron Phosphate-LiFePo4? And what quantities?

Is it the same type of 18650 used in vapes?

niko nazo

Nunua rechargeable torch and you will get it inside.

enda Luthuli Avenue in those electronic or mobile phone shops.


mAh? And price

Lithium Iron Phosphate bruh they can take a beating of charge cycles. I need like 2KWh

2600ma @400/= grade A.

Try these guys, authentic https://sbkenya.com/sirius.html

You realize this is a tall ask depending on the array you will use;
[li]Suppose you do parallel connection with 3.2V LiFePo voltage and 3300mAh; [wh1000/V] translates to 20001000/3.3 =625,000mAh equaling around 190 cells needed at a cost of ~400 = 76K.[/li][li]Need parallel * series connection for 12 volts?- 156250mAh equaling 48 cells at a cost of 19.2k.[/li][/ol]
Depending on the bandwidth you need, you can get the 12.8V system which would definitely not last long if it’s a heavy use system or or a high cost system that you can upgrade to 12.8v but 76*4k.
A few crackhead numbers to crunch but that’s an approximate summary of the costs you might incur.

Another option is to get them at Alibaba fully packed.
You’ll also need to clarify if you are talking about 2KWh or 2KW and what voltage you plan to operate on to give you concrete values. Too many missing variables in your need.

The term is chemistry, not family.

When I was sourcing lithium batteries for my own projects, it took some digging to find a reliable supplier. Battery pack manufacturers turned out to be a great option—they offer consistent quality and can tailor packs to specific project requirements. It’s worth checking their websites or reaching out directly for pricing and availability.If you’re into DIY or looking for a deal, online marketplaces often have individuals selling surplus batteries. Just be sure to vet sellers carefully to avoid any issues with quality or authenticity. Whether you’re building gadgets or powering projects, having a reliable source for batteries makes a big difference.