18+ Mpeketoni Video released by alshabab


It will be taken down in a matter of hours

I need a youtube downloader

tumia IDM ama DAM

YTD is the best for you tube(Fron cnet.com). Be careful there is one that calls itself You Tube Downloader in full that is adware. But am wondering why you need to seee people being shot to death. I once watched videos of massacres in civil wars of 1980s afghanistan and executions by wehrmacht and einstatzgruppen in the 1940s and it was sickening and completely degrading. Real bullets hitting people is nothing like you see in the movies. Its absolutely degrading to watch a man like you be made to kneel or lie down and be shot. There is that writhing, jerking and eyes rolling as the person dies and not falling like poles as you see in movies. Its sickening bro. It will not entertain you.


Nisambazie bundles nione

The sole reason I don’t watch such stuff.





Wish they had killed makaburi earlier

this is the kind of video that makes me wanna pick up an AK and kill some alkebab idiots. …

No need of just click…

the link…

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