15mins of fame

For a while in the late 90s and early 2000s most rappers had cliques that they rolled with, did collabos, then everyone in the group was supposed to drop an album. But when the main guy made it, or died the rest of the group just seemed to vanish.
Think about it, Nelly had the St. Lunatics, Tupac had the Outlawz, Biggie had Junior Mafia, Snoop had Dogg Pound, Eminem had D12, Mase had something allstars, 50 had G-Unit etc and not to mention all those guys that were on Master P’s record label… where are all those guys now? were they just there for the ride?

it’s called an Entourage, only one person is important.

still happens, pussy cat dolls is a good example

You very right master p’s no limit records had the struggling mystikal kina Mia X, EPMD …Eric sermon made it there was the Hot boys …lil wayne made it…B2k…Omarion…Wu tang clan atleast tried kina method man na redman did well. Ya kina sisqo cant remember the name not all were hiphop groups but they had a similar trend! Terror squad…fat joe and the chiq who recently got out of jail remmy ma…Flipmode squad…Busta rhymes! You ryt!

Isn’t G-Unit back? D12 also is still around though I don’t here them much. Dogg Pound, I only hear them while listening to Ol skool music. Master P’s clique, I haven’t heard them in a long looong time. Mase is some reverend now. Most of Outlawz stopped singing, maybe all of them.

Wesyde connection had Ice cube… closer home E-Sir had Bucaneers

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Flip Mode Squad, Rah Digga still doing fine though no longer a member.

I think if you are part of a group and are really determined to make it as an artist, you have to break away early. Wasn’t The Game part of 50s outfit before he took off? he did well for himself.
@Lifeist at least wu-tang tried to get everyone their own album or two. There was a period in the nineties when everyone dropped an album, their first albums i believe. Even guys like Gza.

Destinys child …and the andre 3k one Outkast

You mean RZA…yeah, wessyde connection were the illest…ice cube, mark 10 and WC with the creep walk! Cant get enuff of this gangsta shyet!

I really do mean GZA he was a founding member, one of the original 8(?)…RZA is his cuzo, or some kind of relative…


Ati… RZA is/was in Wutang Clan

Michael Jackson- Jackson 5
Diana Ross- The supremes
DMX- Roughriders
Nas- Bravehearts
Dr Dre/ Ice cube- NWA
Guess it’s the nature of the beast.

Diana ross asi? wewe nimkongwe sana



Human nature is such that, the guy who brought you into the spotlight cannot and will not allow you to outdo him. Mind you this is the same guy who pays your bills. Also, posses/ cliques are dying in hiphop coz the music industry is also on its deathbed. Record sales are down and artists are not as well-to-do as kitambo. Don’t be fooled by the music videos. So when the main guy falls on hard times and their 15 mins of fame are over, you also fade into oblivion.

It’s the reason why:
Big Sean will never be as big as Kanye
Meek Mill will never be as big as Rozay
BoB will never be as big as T.I.
Lloyd Banks can never be as big as 50.

It’s the reason why people stopped signing with Luda/ DTP. He was notorious for cockblocking all artists in his roster. Once you start to blow, your takeoff is frustrated within the label itself. Ask Chingy, Shawnna, Field Mob, Tity Boi (now known as 2 Chainz). Look at how 2 Chainz did well for himself after freeing himself from DTP then rebranding.

Ask anybody who signed with Puff Daddy/ P. Diddy/ Diddy’s Bad Boy. Your career ended up in the gutter, you ended up in jail or in a casket (RIP Biggie). Ask, Craig Mack, Mase, The Lox, Black Rob, Total, Shyne, Loon, G-Dep, B5, Boyz N Da Hood, Danity Kane, Day 26, Yung Joc, even his own clande Cassie. But worst of all… The Notorious BIG. Diddy is the worst cockblocker in hip hop history.

The reason why I still love Weezy is coz he doesn’t seem to have this tabia in Young Money. He has let Drake and Nicki Minaj flourish and have even become bigger artists than him so kudos to that.


Musical taste transcends age. anyway blame poppa;). he was a rolling stone

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hapa umenena kama mtu kumi. insightful

@Smith_ you know your shit my nigger.I would differ though on Diddy I remember watching Danity being made by him on some reality show years ago. Mase and The Lox can’t claim anything on Diddy too.

Original Wu members:
RZA, GZA, ODB, Method Man, U-God, Raekwon, Ghostface, Inspektah Deck, Masta Killa…


Yess he was a member!