14 year old sociopath

The past 2 weeks have been tough on us. The shocking incident of a 14 year old speaks volumes about sociopaths in the society.

The difference between a psychopath and sociopath is that psychopaths are born that way but sociopaths are molded by the environment we live in.
Both have a bit of common characteristic :
They have no remorse.
Difficult for them to form real attachments.
Very good at manipulation.
Shallow emotions.
React very badly to criticism.
Self grandiose.
Very cold and calculating.

Among the sociopaths we have high functioning and low functioning sociopaths. Low functioning sociopaths are more prone to reacting on a whim, they react faster when provoked without thinking, are more antisocial in that they stand out kama kuchoma vitu etcand break the law often. On the other hand, high functioning sociopaths are more charming and intelligent . they don’t break the law directly they look for loopholes to exploit. They fake their emotions better to blend with aociety and can keep themselves in check. They are more calculating and can plan and manipulate things even for years . Politicians are high functioning sociopaths about a quarter of them.

Now the 14 year old is a sociopath who could not control herself. Maybe she could not understand herself and tried to commit suicide 3 times. It usually takes a toll on you because you cannot form real relationships. You have yo fake everything but she has to face the consequences of her actions.

An example of a low functioning sociopath in this is @aviator

An example of a high functioning sociopath is ??? Ni ngumu kujua


Naskia ni mtoto wa ‘mkumbwa?’

Why has aviator been swept in this thread?:smiley:


Empathy can prevent a lot of disasters. The less of it the dangerous a person is.



A good number of politicians are actually sociopaths.
If you are too trusting you fall prey to these kind of people. Sometimes you get into a relationship with one and it will be hell. You cant go back where you started and you don’t have a solution. They are not willing to let go even when everybody is dying and they got an explanation for their behavior.
Once a clever sociopath knows you have understood/him/her he/she will try to destroy you/befriend you/avoid you. They are easy to spot anyway if you are alert and you dont mistakenly take their weird approach to things for being unique.

Sociopaths are here to stay because.

  1. Women prefer breeding with that kind that do anything to get others out of the way.
  2. Their quality of sexual partners is not very much filtered and they will breed with anyone. from hoes to peoples wives and women high above them in social and economic classes.

Mwaga mtama hapa

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Additional traits of a psychopath in link. They include:
A variety of brief, superficial relations, numerous affairs, and an indiscriminate selection of sexual partners; the maintenance of several relationships at the same time; a history of attempts to sexually coerce others into sexual activity or taking great pride at discussing sexual exploits or conquests.

Wat do we classify mzee wa vitendawili as?

egomaniacal megalomania herding sheep

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Ndio hawa wakirudi shule.


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nipewe hio totos inachoma watu I work on her for one month

If sociopaths are molded by the environment we live in,what are the exact enviroment factors that mould a sociopath?

Giving people personality disorders (narcissism, sociopathy, psychopathy etc) was taught to our fore fathers by wakoloni. They lied to them it’s how they do it in their country. Letters supposedly from the queen were given to them to confuse them even more. That’s why they still hold sway with us. The disorders are huge weaknesses. It’s a known thing. How do I know? I’ve seen the letter, and I’ve talked to people who were there then.

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Basically an abusive upbringing coupled with genetic predispositon gives you a psycho/sociopath.

I won’t even lie…i would fit right in as a high functioning sociopath based on how I find myself manipulating other peoples emotions. I am very good at faking interest in a girl and once I get what I want I move on faster than a shot to the brain.:D:D:D:D
I am not proud of it though.

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Hii moving on fast ni soko imekuroga nayo. Unda pesa nyingi uingie siasa.

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So this your definition of a sociopath?
Kijana make your world a bit wider.

Wacha nikatafute kiti ya MCA 2022. I will be your president in 20 years time. Hii takataka mnatupanga kwa barabara through the window mtakuwa mnaokota na meno hadi hii inchi ikuwe safi. Nitawalainisha vizuri.

I could offer more examples but someone will post the “Lol. I didn’t read” gif. I am extremely logical than emotional 99-1%.

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Wapi picha ya huyo dwyfwy alichoma shule