13 kisumu MCAs

13 nominated MCAs in Kisumu County cannot communicate in English or Swahili, it has emerged that most of them are former bus conductors, Matatu Drivers, Manamba, Brick Layers and gold mining experts.

Small matter. Watumie lugha ya Kisum Republic

A Covfefe county

nairopi has a gorvernor hi maneno inamchenga. tulia mboss

How the fuck do they contribute to motions??


wasee wa kuchimba migodi

Kwani what was the criteria for the nominations?
Or it’s the ability to shout loudest ‘baba tosa’

oh, you mean lode masters?

There was a video of a nyeri mca who was literally unable to read the swearing in oath

something like that

Dostoevsky said that the degree of a civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.
Sijasema kitu

So sad.Can only say TIBIM N TIALALA

seriously???ata oswahili?

hii nayo nadanganya. Luopeans speak their mother tongue in English

and there was that MP called Kibaara or something, Mheshimiwa couldn’t read!!

Bora wafanyie watu wao kazi, the rest can be overlooked.

Hata kalembe ndile

Link please

Nikumbushe niki sober up