A girl from Migori Awendo has been taken in for questioning after being found with phone that was sending Msando threatening messages! Wah! Plot thickens.

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how does it thicken?

Link ama ni upuzi…

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Kama hauna rink hii ni hekaya.
Am out.

Wapi wamesema 12 year old girl? At 17 that is an old woman with a child most likely.

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It’s a 17 years old tuachishe boolshiet.

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kwangu huyo ni infant, NOT INTERESTED

DN says 17, citizens says 12

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labda kaliombwa phone na mtu message ikatumwa kakarudishiwa or, going by kina clea adi vybz and the gang, she could be party to it

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A 12 year old, can’t the cops simply find the parents and which law allows for the arrest of a 12 year old?

Noogle, do you possess any capacity to read and understand?


You are the one without capacity to read and understand, can you process my post before throwing an insult?

It’s been repeated several times that she’s 16 years old. What makes your stoopid brain get stuck at 12?

Correct, insult the media that came up with 12. You can read my earlier post which I have correctly pointed out that she is 17 discounting the 12 year old nonsense. I wasn’t answering you any way.

Guys are we fighting over the childs age? Watu hapa wanapenda vita. Ama is this anatha MWK.

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Someone here can only process information through his ego.

Its midmonth…stress za kusota kushinda panya

Police should be allowed to unravel the mystery, some1 else may have been using her phone so you just dont flag 12 year old and imagine police are wrong.