12th East African Military Games

Corporal Edwin Wekoba boldly holds high the EAC flag ushering in 12th East African Military Games at Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani. Despite losing his legs while serving Kenya in Somalia, he is still strong in service within KDF.
kwa shosho media wanasema he should be given his benefits aende home akaanze fearshara, somebody else says “As much as we sympathise with our soldier he is in no capacity to be serving in the military in his state his collegues have been dismissed for minor medical or physical problems”
Whats your take?
@Fala 12
kujeni hapa pia

as a former special forces commando, once a soldier always a soldier, ahsante

Discharging someone on medical grounds can’t recommend, even though the payout is higher huwa death sentence to many… Afadhali abakie acting in other capacities like clerical etc

i do not respect soldiers simply for being soldiers …

Its more so of the fact ya kwamba mtu anajitolea kulinda nchi yake na kuhakikisha ya kwamba nchi yake iko salama that is what is respected.

KDF is a shadow of its former self.

…apparently wamejitolea kuuza makaa pia ? …respect is earned.

Fair enough.

offourse we also commend their good work … whenever

Yes i agree with you.


Yesterday I gave Ouru the benefit of a doubt why he didn’t attend that opening ceremony, I thought he had greater commitments but today I saw him launching A pigsty in nakuru county. A bigger one for the Mpigs in this case ni piglets MCA

Former shadow ??? KDF has greatly improved from the 2000s , fighting in Somalia plus a bigger budget allcation has really helped.

Exactly, many don’t have any idea how it’s like to just sit at home all day, for weeks, months, doing nothing while others wake up to go to their daily hustles.

Anafaa abaki kwa kambi. He has access to training facilities and medical care. Huko nje watakula pesa yake na ikiisha watoroke. Na kdf haina mikakati ya kusaidia soldiers wenye wamekua retired. Kuwa discharged kwa huyo jamaa ni death sentence

Anybody with info can tell you that KDF was most feared under moi, a bigger budget does not mean shit when your soldiers are being killed like chickens whenever the enemy wants to.

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