11 Year Old Prodigy Develops Apps In Mombasa, Problem Is USA, China Or EU Will Snatch Her Just Like Our Doctors & Engineers

At only 11 years old, Giana Bichage has developed a mobile application to help address the water problems of slums in Mombasa county.
Bichage is a Class 6 pupil at St Joseph Herman Max Primary School in Mtopanga, Kisauni constituency. She says technology should be tapped to tackle water shortages and rationing.
The girl calls her app “M-Maji”. A user logs in to their account, where they can access all contacts of water distributing companies and order for a tanker or two, depending on their need.
The app has information for both county government and privately owned water companies.
“When the pipes run dry, you log into the app and contact the water distribution companies to send tankers to your village,” Bichage explains.
Slum dwellers or villagers can mobilise resources. “Obviously, you have to pay for the water services. So you might come together as a group to raise money before you contact the company through M-Maji App,” she says.
Her passion to see her Mtopanga community and Mombasa at large relieved from difficulties in accessing clean water made her think of ways to solve the problems and come up with the idea of a mobile-based application.


Giana Bichage, 11, who has developed an app to help address the water problems in different slums in Mombasa county

She developed it through the coaching and training she has received from Tech Kidz Africa, a Coast-based technology academy.
The academy is nurturing curiosity in children between the ages of seven to 19 by training them on robotics, animation, gaming, coding, app and web development, creative design, online safety and 3D printing.
Bichage was enrolled at Tech Kidz in 2019 after her mother saw a post on Facebook, calling for parents to enrol their children in the organisation.
The Class 6 pupil says science and mathematics are her favourite subjects and hopes to become a tech guru in future.
Since joining Tech Kidz, Bichage’s interest in learning new technology has grown. Recently, she developed a recipe app, which allows users to get easy steps on how to prepare different kinds of healthy foods.
She now hopes to come up with more ideas of apps that will help solve problems within the community before the end of the year.

An app to access or call water company to come fix a water problem?

She might be good at coding but that app is useless. Calling is the most efficient way to do things in Kenya

Good for her

For an 11 year old, it is a GREAT Achievement.

Now she knows the Syntax for Python and Java. As she grows she will code more complex Apps. We need more like her. She is smarter upstair than 99.9% of listers on this forum

It better to be snatched by the west where she can exploit her talent to the max than kungangana hapa vumbistan where atapata countless obstacles if she is not connected.

Stop demeaning her. Wewe unaeza hata andika one line of Python code bila kucrashisha device.

Even though the app is useless, she is building a strong foundation.

Yeah…[SIZE=1]whatever you say man[/SIZE]

hii ni ad ya hio shule ya kufunza watoto
nimesoma yote na nishaa sahau jina ya hio shule

Good work though I really doubt it if China will grab her.

Ojinga. Coding is overrated. One only needs to know math and boom

So you log in to an apo to access a phone number? Genius. Why not just save the number in your phone. Alafu watu wa slam hutumia maji chadu ya kisima. Hawanunuagi maji ya bottle refined. Those wazungu has to call middle class mombasa a slam?:D:D:D

Ako sawa ,hio app will be used globally and help reduce water wastage and efficient water disbursement…[SIZE=1]haters ketini hukoo>>>>>>>>>>≥>>>>>>>>>>>>>[/SIZE]

At 11 that is an achievement for her and she needs to be encouraged.

Wewe at 11 labda bado ulikuwa unasumbua madhe akuongeze bakuli ya cerelac.

The child should read more coding books, a good beginning but we need more improved and unrealistic apps from this child.

She is a developer at 11…on the right track all she needa now is a mentor to put her on the right path si hizi story za maji.

No it’s not, when taken in a global perspective. For instance, Maximillian Schmidt was running a multi-million global drug empire from the comfort of his home at 15, without attending any school.

Walter O’Brien was just 13 when he hacked NASA using a pentium 1 PC

Jonathan JamesStarted Hacking the Pentagon when he was 12 years old

Kristoffer von Hassel was just FIVE YEARS OLD when he hacked the Global Tech Giant Microsoft. He now works as a full time security analyst at Microsoft at 11 YEARS. He’ll probably make more in the next five minutes than you have made since you became formerly employed.

Amake app ya kuweka lanye bei

Global my ass. It’s an achievement for her considering she’s in bonoboland. Your barometer is skewed