10to4 mountain bike challenge 2019 At Borana Conservancy in pics

10 to 4 is the ultimate epic bike challenge, its riding down the slopes of Mt Kenya 62kms starting at 10,000 ft in altitude an ending at 6,400 ft.
this yrs event started on the 15th and ends kesho 17th.
here are some of the awesome pics.

Hakuna wild carnivorous which may confuse the bikes as antelope?

I owned a black mamba as my means of transport to and from school for five years. Pale home kutumwa na baiskeli was the norm hadi I see no fun in kuendesha hio kitu ya tairi mbili.

huku si mnajua nikwa mzito mgani.
@pamba alikua macho

hehehe, njoo nikupe a sports utility bike you see the difference.



ziko but @pamba was there[ATTACH=full]225305[/ATTACH]

Hujanielewa, what I mean is that I can’t enjoy the biking experience anymore. Itakua tu excitement ya 4-5 days maximum then inanisinya. Before the coming of cheap commercial motorbikes, everyone in my home used to cycle.

cycling is healthy for you, it makes you work out. there are so many benefits of cycling

Kama it was all downhill I would be the first there lakini naona tumilima… Hehehe. Huku nakuja na motor bike.