100th Birthday Celebration

Charles, was to die young, but he listened to village elders and got himself a wife.

Mr Njonjo will celebrate his 100th birthday on 23rd of January, 2020.

His son in law is the mzungu diver chased away by kenya navy guys at likoni ferry


Duke of Kabeteshire still going strong. 100 years is a blessings. Nb: he married after 40. That increased his chances of living long.

Married when exactly?

Early seventies I guess. 1971 or '72.

Hehe, huyu ako na nguvu za ku-track gorilla kweli?

Nigga was carried throughout.

Aty Gorilla trucking certificate

Huoni amevalishwa kofia akakaa gorilla pia

He got married at 52. At that age it would make sense to finish life without children.

kenyatta used to make fun of him and tried to hook him up with his secretary