1000th post

Any reward for being the one who posts the 1000th post in general category. Am just eating luggage here for child

he he, bro na si ume extend hiyo eating. you must be feeling on top of the world, happy for you.

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hiyo ni nonsens

Kúrîa mîrigo ya mwana.

Am landing in nyahururu at 2pm. Nikupate wapi? Am with my entire household- mzee, watoto na auntie.

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@aviator research has shown that 99.95% of wives who call their husbands ‘mzee’ will cheat on him. with either the shamba boy or estate watchman… shunga sana… :smiley:


I am in the 0.05%

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Aaaiii huyu aweka pink handle coz that just sounds off

@mabenda4 has gone into hiding.

Boss unacelebrate siku ngapi?

Aviator =shemale

suite yourself

= gay=fag

Congratulations. You have just solved the world’s most pressing problem. Proceed to rm 254 to receive your Nobel prize.


kwenye mumezoeana na @Dean Room 254


inahitajika uki land nyahururu at 2pm:D:D