1000cc Vehicle

How common are these vehicles in Kenya? and apart from lack of power, what else is their downside.?

And if you guys drive one or know someone who does, what kind of vehicle is it?


The one I saw had four wheels and they were actually rotating when it moves :slight_smile:

Lakini ni poa sana consumption wise, cheap to maintain too. Hapa na ongea kuhusu vitz.

Sawa Buda.

Nataka gari…sitaki bike…i already have my mountain bike which clocks an average of 27KM/H

Long distance you will do, only that it will not be as fast as the other beasts on the road, but the speed will be a comfortable one nevertheless.

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Resale value. A lot depends on your budget. 1300cc & above better.
Vitz, belta, fit, swift, passo, tiida, march, demio, colt, ist, auris, aygo & note.

What do you mean resale value? as in it will be hard to resell?? The one I am thinking of is a limited model…looks better and has better features than the common model in the market. the only thing is that most other models are 1300cc. And btw its a Belta

1300cc has better resale value and preferred model . IMO Belta is a vitz with a boot. Toyota is always a safe choice.