100% transition to high school?

I am perplexed as to what strategies the ministry had in place to ensure this. I don’t think door to door and calling parents is the best strategy. Very kieyenji. What is the agreement? What is the government supposed to cover bcz if it’s 100% transition everything should be provided by government. Is this realistic really in a country with high attrition rates like Kenya? Apparently it’s only slightly over 50% who have transitioned. Our technocrats need to put more strategy and implementation framework into a program before rolling it out. Hii mambo ya door to door is not a strategy. They need to address the real problems making students not report.


I know someone who scored 78 mark in the last kcpe…sasa mtu ka huyo si apelekwe polytechnic ajifunze kushona nguo

I remember when I joined a certain national high school and got admitted the teachers would wait for 2weeks to One month. They would then go through all the application forms they sent to students and then inquire why the child had not reported either through the parent or primary school. If it is fees, we would raise funds (as parents and students thru the elimisha dada initiative) and the church would also contribute. Many bright but poor students benefitted it wasn’t that hard.

Watu husomea national school ndio huleta fujo sana campo na wengine ndio wanaloot serekali chini ya maji!!

Hiyo 50% umetoa wapi?