100% Plant-based food.

i just have a quick question for anyone that’s vegan/vegetarian that has always wanted a place that doesn’t offer 100% animal products, would you like such a place?
I’m vegan and I’m interested in such a place.

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ingia base ya mogoka uchane vegetarian diet hadi utosheke, then kesho kuja hapa na remix ya mbiginjii imekuliwa na ndogi

so when is the Meatup?


Hehe … khasia

A paper has been written recently, that a completely plant based diet isn’t as safe as people thought before.
My take, meat has been a part of our food as humans since beginning of time, what we have to do is consume moderately, but plants remain the main part of our diet.

@Panyaste anajua mambo ya greens…

We have to ask where the study was done. Historically, most of the Non-European/Arab world generally stays away from meat.(barring pastoralists and fishing communities). Non meat animal products are a different story though.

buda kula nyama uwachane na siasa za vegeterian.

All the best in your endeavor OP