1 Million Kilometers to go - Pluto Flyby

Countdown 1 day left. That is is now less than 23 hours from now. The NASA new horizons shuttle will not stop and neither will it land on the dwarf planet. Ni kupitia tu but will continue taking photos of Pluto and its 5 moons 3 hours after passing by. The shuttle is headed to the Kuiper belt for the discovery of more dwarf planets.[ATTACH=full]9306[/ATTACH]




whats the exact time

7.39 a.m asubuhi

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Boss huwezi kuwa positive for once[ATTACH=full]9310[/ATTACH]


Nice…keep the info coming

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Earlier today, NASA posted this latest image [ATTACH=full]9312[/ATTACH]


Wtf didn’t we have a fucking landing?


[ATTACH=full]9314[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]9315[/ATTACH]

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Was not designed to land. Main mission of the spacecraft is to reach Kuipers Belt and discover more dwarf planets by 2017

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