1/2 acre land for sale

Hello. I’m looking for an able buyer who might be interested in buying 1/2 an Acre land touching Embu kutus highway. It’s located opposite sifa garden…Some 500 meters from Kutus Town. it’s so ideal for business…since it’s touching the ever busy highway.

Hata hakuna thermal image ya title? Unabroker

Hapana I’m the real owner just that sina real image ya Title

Hii place lease it for me?

Per year utalease how much?

How much? Kuna commission nikipata buyer?


5M you can Quote any price slightly higher than that ukitafuta customer

5 M

Tuongee through the number i gave you

You are making a mistake

Inbox number

Nitumie no yako

Iko na taitu ?

Yeah Title iko…

Kama iko na title inbox contact

So unauza lami ama shamba…mbona umepiga lami picha halafu unasema unauza.

Bado unafikiria kuweka petrol station?