001 development

Guess how much money this project took
13 Mirrions only[ATTACH=full]161141[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]161142[/ATTACH]

Iko hapo majengo sio? Saw it last week nikadhani imepelekwa ichomelewe

Do they slide into that seasonal swimming pool over there?

its sad lakini acha nicheke, hehehehe,

How does this even make sense?? Even Location-wise hata kama ilicost 250k it is a waste!

He’s on his second term and he fucked them a good one on the 1st one and they didn’t learn.

Do I really want to know the whole story behind this photo? Hmmmm…#shitholistan

Na muyamaa ako skiing holiday…

Pesa ya kuenda Estonia ilitoka hapo. A cool 11 million. Remind me again why opposition supporters say he is their hope for 2022.:):):slight_smile:

Is it Inclusive of uncollected garbage?


Am waiting for 2022 na utaona mtu akiwa nyuma ya hoho na kura yake .Illiteracy and lack of wisdom will be the beggining and the end of our underdevelopment .

When Hoho says Mombasa is marginalised the only part he leaves out is that he leads the rest in isolating the county

cue @Abba tano ingine kizee

13M !
@Meria Mata kuna nyengine huwa naiona kwetu beach likoni pia ni ya county

This is stupid.nkt.ata angebuy dustbins aweke kona zote pala 001


This thing can only be used by a toddler. Any kid over three years won’t be able to use this thing. The bends are and too close to each other. Anyway, mombasa tano tena



At least there is a pool of water to break the fall.