It turns out that US politicians are even far retarded than your average bonobo. US is fucked.

US politician intelligence is very low.. the only reason they make it through their offices is privilege otherwise there's people on bunge la mwananchi that can do a better job.


Monocotyledon Combuster
This is a retarded comment expected of a single-digit IQ monkey, not a top scholar. We learn and progress from the entire human experience.
People yearn for what they don't have and in your case, I see you are yearning for high IQ. Ungekuwa high IQ as you purport by now ungejua hapa ktalk ni kelele za chura zimejaa. Nothing we say or do will change anything in the US. So after learning from the entire human race for the 129 years you have been alive you go ahead and support first Uhuruto then Zakayo and his cabal to clear up Uhuruto's mess? Very high IQ of you.


This ceo is talking too much.. Should've stuck to yes /no wafanye kenye watafanya
that market rakes in billions for TikTok every year. Then again am sure Western stooges will follow suit
Tufagie kwetu wazae. We have bigger problems than tiktok. There are 59 CASs and kalejingas are in pole.position kuturudisha 1980.
Opuss. Akili kamasi.
TikTok ni sumu shida this old creatures have no idea of what it truly even is , saw them question techies like zukeburger it was painful to watch
Hakuna tofauti ya TikTok na other platforms. Just plain greed from the US fuckers juu TikTok isnt listed under BlackRock and isnt controllable.