Zuma Sentenced To Jail

Mwaonaje? Should this Gallant Son Of Africa start freaking out about picking the soap? Apelekwe jera kweli after being jailed with Mandela and fighting for freedom with his Machine Gun?


Mbwa yeye, muisi afungwe. Fighting for freedom doesn’t give one the right to steal from the public. The South Africans keep whining about apartheid, but if not for the Boers the country would be another DRC, a proper shithole.

Siwezi tetea mwizi. Hii ghasia inafaa ifunywe. Ichunishwe Hadi brake pad lining ziishe. Akitoka jela ahare Ile pesa yote aliiba in one toilet sitting.

What jail PR tu

Unaitwa kortini unakaidi

Heshimu institutions


Its a slap on the wrist kumbe

Mtu kama huyu awachwe. Jamaa suffered under apartheid and he lived in a time when the only way to get ahead was to be lawless. Jamaa achapwe fine aende home

Kuwekwa ndani na mashoga shouldnt happen to a man like him

I expect Zuma’s lawyers will come to court arguing a medical emergency indisposed him.

Also, the political leadership wont want a fuss… this sentence will most likely be commuted or hushed up in some way. Arresting Zuma has too much of a political angle to it. It would be like arresting Raira or Ruto

Kwanza apelekwe in one of the most radical prisons…Polls Moor Maximum Prison

That guy is very charismatic, he’ll walk into any prison and immediately have an army of followers.

Muthamaki should take home some lessons from this.


Zuma had been planning to attend the state funeral of former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda in Zambia, but now that may not happen.
Despite Zuma’s spokesman and other supporters making much of the split decision, legal experts pointed out that such judgments were fairly common and the split had no effect on the majority decision, which stood and which meant that Zuma was now headed to jail.

Legal analysts said it was a watershed moment in South African jurisprudence and for the Constitutional Court as guardian of the constitution.
Social media in South Africa lit up immediately after the judgment, with pro-Zuma elements warning that “all hell will now break loose”, while many others hailed the decision in light of the vast looting of state funds that took place during his nine-year rule that ended in early 2018.
Zuma, 79, was given 5 days to present himself for incarceration, failure to which he would be arrested by police.
Outside Zuma’s rural homestead at Nkandla in KwaZulu-Natal province, a small contingent of supposedly former members of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party’s armed wing was present, saying “no-one will come and take Jacob Zuma to prison”.
Other supporters of Zuma were gathering at the homestead, while it is understood that separate protests and actions by pro-Zuma elements were being planned.


Mko na ummeffi sana. Its luke saying utafungwa juu ya overspeeding, kwanza in africa

The daughter of South Africa’s former president Jacob Zuma has said that her father was ready to comply with a 15-month jail term handed by the Constitutional Court, News24 reports, quoting Duduzile Zuma’s tweet.
“Lockdown or no lockdown we will escort you to serve your time,” she tweeted saying her father was in “high spirits and has no fear”.
The former president’s spokesperson, Mzwanele Manyi, told eNCA TV station that he imagined Mr Zuma was “shocked,” by the court ruling, News24 reports.

South Africa’s Constitutional Court has spared former President Jacob Zuma’s jail for now by accepting his urgent application, scheduling a hearing on July 12.


“The hearing will take place on a virtual platform. Directions would be issued in due course,” said Constitutional Court acting registrar Dunisani Mathiba.
Constitutional Court of South Africa on Tuesday sentenced Zuma to 15 months in jail for being in contempt of court. He was given five days to report at the police stations to be taken to prison to start serving his sentence.
He made an urgent application to the Constitutional Court to rescind its order.
The sentence came after Zuma refused to comply with the order of the court which ordered him to appear and testify at the state capture commission.