Zuckerberg is in town

Anapitia base Leo jioni tuongee maneno ya investment kiasi

Na hasumbui, sio kama peasant flani hapa anawikanga kila saa akinunua faxe

jana he was in Lagos and all he said is that Africa has potential (ya kukamuliwa bila lube)


hehe hizo viatu

What’s with Kenyans with ties and suits, I have seen construction guys in full suites heading to work.

The lady in a scarf has my kind of legs


Keen to remind anyone

ako wapi tuonge kiasi

Obama alimwambia nenda utembee Kenya ukipata nafasi, anakutana na Uhuru akuje aseme Facebook is investing 100M USD in Kenya etc etc?

Jamaa ameshika pori:D,anajua snap anaeza kua area

contrast peasant in suit birrionare in jumper na viatu inaka ya mia mbili :D:D:D


I can see Dry Fry materials on the left and right sides :wink:

That suit Zuckerberg is wearing is nice.

Na ukifika kwa nyumba zao, or rather single rooms zao, kuna tu kitanda ya 3x6 na meza ya bamboo kwa kona


CC @Nattydread

Conformity is usually placed in a negative light, but it is why humanity has gotten so far. Empathy been very beneficial in the building of societies the civilizations that followed after them. I do not know why it is taunted as a bad thing this day.

Zuckerberg has reached the pinnacle of financial freedom, he can have the ear of anyone he wants to talk to in this world. That cannot be said about the guy in the suit, he has to work for it.

kweli kabisa, baba haezi kubali kupitwa

conformity ni kenyans kufwata religion, tribalism na politics blindly bila second thought ndo maana in 30 years nothing much has changed ispokuwa inflation