Zuchu is the most overrated Bongo artist

Surely hizi ni takataka gani anaimba? She can do taarab and other underground shit but aondokee bongo bana. I’d rather listen to Stevo Simple boy

Kuna mix flani Kali sana ya DJ Shinksi I was watching on YouTube and right at minute 38, he spoiled everything by playing that kwi kwi thing. Yea I downloaded the mix for my long drives but had to cut it at minute 37 to save my ear drums from bleeding.

Someone commented that she sings songs for chekechea kids

Kila mtu na taste yake wadau. Personally don’t like her songs either but Iko mrembo huja kwangu who absolutely loves her songs… wet crack nafanya nivumilie

I hate that song soo bad. And this new Honey song is crap too

This is what generation z is after , stevo simple boy if he doesn’t change with change he will always be begging money as kina zuchu rake millions on YouTube and clubs

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Naskia kuna ingine ametoa inaitwa chapati. WTF!

I love her voice,and her t-shirt in the first video except the big letters and art on it.Been a lover of such tshirts since childhood.

I blame the producers who tell talented artists to sing like that.Or shoot such videos.

Shida sio mwanamuziki, it’s the ecosystem around her.

Something about those videos makes me say,south Africans are better when doing their beats,vocals,videos, chorography etc.Huku kwetu we copy and dilute

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