Zoomalia kameanza kuchacha.

Yesterday Somalia recorded 36 new covid-19 out of 46 tests. This shows things are thick there in that shithole.
I pity them juu huko hygiene is an alien word to them. Hao ndio watalemewa Sana juu they live in large family. Mmoja akipata ana ambukiza the whole clan.
Aftermath of Corona things will never be the same. Yesterday is I was in garage. Ilikuwa inasemekana kulikuwa na 2 cases.
Hadi walalo waliamua wafunge biz for one week.

Should i or should i not slaughter this pig tommorow for some bacon and roast juicy spare ribs?

Shida ya wariah ni kutema makoroch kila mahali

Aih banae. Utafanya nishindwe Kula my heavy mbreakfast.

Hoping Italy and Turkey Will help them.

Kwani ni slime?

With their large families living in a tiny room, I think especially EastLeigh should be put on a lockdown.

Its not Somalia alone… look at yesterday reports. This is serious.[ATTACH=full]297760[/ATTACH]

We pray for a vaccine urgently. Sadly when you neighbour has a cockroach infestation you will likely suffer the same. We have sacrificed as Kenya to keep our house free from Covid while our neighbour’s chose to do little to keep it off. Our porous borders with TZ, Somalia and war ravaged Southern Sudan will be our achellies.

Corona will decimate the world population by half. The worst is yet to come.

somalia ni kwa kina @Bingwa Scrotum mcoosh

hakuna country iko spared, wacheni kucheka somalia. zile countries mwafaa kucheka ni wale wakoloni hujiona wao ni wasafi na wamejitosheleza kama US na UK, hao ndio nashangilia vile wanatiwa na corona bila ata tone la lube, nyuma

Tapika ghaseeer

I don’t know how things will be one month from today.

How and their burned their bridge with Kenya. Pia turkey wako overwhelmed.

We will have a problem there. Especially if US patents the vaccine. They will be selfish as always and sort their population as the rest suffer.
I just hope it’s patented by a country in Europe, like the UK.

UK having Common countries mambo yetu tuko sorted. Since British post EU plan is to trade with its former colonies.

You do know Kenya will be hit very hard because of our dealings with them.

East Africa mzima lazima tutatiii. We voted fools. It as if God is pronouncing instant justice.

Instead of learning from the countries already hard hit and putting measures in place they are busy re-aligning themselves for top offices post corona as if they know when it will be over. Our God was v annoyed with BBI, that is for sure.