Zodwa Wabantu Live

The Live New Year’s Concert …
This Lady is Off Da Chain … :D:D




Post wall chieth. Anajua tu kunyamba kwa microphone

Ghasia mbwa takataka shetani

Amapiano Vosho Dance … :smiley: :smiley:


usishangae Desmond Tutu na Ramaphosa walikuwa waki wank na hio video kwa giza

Stale goods. Other than kudance uchi na kunyamba kwa microphone nini ingine anajua?

Just to name a few :-

  • how to manage her Perfume business.
  • brand ambassador for various beverage products.
  • coach / mentor for youth in the entertainment industry.
  • run various charities and CSR activities .
  • provide an excellent home and education for her teenage son.
  • make a lot of money and grow her USD: 1.5 million investment portfolio.



Tell us …
How many of those goals have YOU acheived so far …??? :D:D:D:D

Nice phat

That is most definitely one of her qualities … :D:D


She thrives on notoriety and controversy …she sells her products on the fame that follows her escapades.

Achana na bonobo,wakiona mtu na pesa yake wanaona mwizi,maliar,mrogi ama vitu zingine za kishamba