Zimbabwean music and Kamba music

@PHARMACY na @chap hapa xmas inakuja mapema

confirm, hizo dancing moves ni zenyu? hata ka guitar, pia kuna tukienyeji :D:D


This is more of Luo Benga…Luo music is universal… enda youtube and check out D.O Misiani… most of his fans or comments arw from Latin America.

Hio nitacheki…I’ve come to realize Africans we have so much in common. In Botswana there is a tribe with similar cultural characteristics to maasais in Kenya in terms of their style of dressing and singing among others.

Hizi si kisii music ? Kamba hapana hata luo zii

Kisii copy pasted luo benga, infact most early kisii music was luo music translated to kisii… ask around… Kisii music is kamba nane… nothing else… Luos and kalenjine are the only music experimenters in kenya and that is why their sound has divasified.


Mentions how it got to Zimbabwe read through.

What’s the origin of banga music? What’s the main instrument played? In zim you can’t ignore the likes of thomas mapfumo and Oliver mtukudzi…Oliver though is mostly an African jazz musician…jazz music is very big in Southern Africa…then we have political music or chimurenga music…and the main instrument, which according to me, makes southern Africa very unique is the mbira instrument…its unmistakable and unique. Do we still have nyatiti in benga music?