As the rest of the world are welcoming the new US President Donald Trump down south in the land of uncle Bob its hell on earth.With looming introduction of bond notes in the coming weeks as the Zim dollar is history,citizens are sleeping outside banks to grab their deposits.
Some banks are allowing withdrawal of only $ 20 per day a customer.

Let’s go buy land in Zimbabwe

Wah!!! Zimbabweans must be the most humble citizens on earth… Mnateseka Mugabe akikula nyama polepole…

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And Kenyans must be the most “[SIZE=7]tolerant[/SIZE]” citizens on earth as they are shagged year in, year out as their [SIZE=6]money[/SIZE] ([SIZE=6]taxes in billions[/SIZE]) are carted away by the connected few. [SIZE=5]Uta do[/SIZE]?

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Atleast with Kenyans we have a choice at the end of the five year term. We can choose to be shagged once more; or get a new ‘shagger’, can the same be said with Zimbabweans?