zimbabwe... get sick, buy your own ventilator or die


How many ventilators are there in public hospital in .ke ?

Very few, I heard (not from an doctor though) that there are about 36 of 'em in +254

I thought we were making our own ventilators.


If this strain hits kenya then we are finished

Public school buses in Harare. News za wazungu zitakuwa against Zimbabwe saa zote. Kenya na Zimbabwe hazina tofauti. Zimbabwean hustlers huishi maisha better kuliko kenyan hustlers, kama mna rafiki ako Harare mnaweza confirm. [ATTACH=full]346364[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]346365[/ATTACH]

Ok, that went well together with the locally ordered desks and beds

It’s true their hustlers have a better life in Zimbabwe. Their country remained colonized much longer. As a result it was better developed than Kenya. Therefore facilities and infrastructure are better developed than Kenya.

True. Harare and the people of Zimbabwe are amazing.

Amazing Zimbabwe was a superpower in the past. Read about the ancient kingdom of Zimbabwe

It has nothing to do with colonisation and everything to do with high inequality in Kenya