Ziara ya rais magufuli katika bandari ya Dar

Dr.Magufuli is a fire cracker. No nonsense kind of guy ,we need more of him Hapa Kenya i think its only Matiangi who comes close to him.

After being a supervisor for many years I learned that barking orders will never improve efficiency. It makes people cover their mistakes and not necessarily try to help with the production process.
Lakini hapa president Dr Magufuli is right. If this is the command station and they don’t get the information in real time then what the hell are they doing?

Sometimes you feel for dudes when they get ambushed like this doing what they do best: shoddy work

Don’t compare matiang’i na huyu fala, he is a perfomer who brings out the good in everything he touches. Megafool in a bitter guy fueled by hatred and jelousy. Lakini hapa amewapata, that how tanzanians work, midomo mingi na hakuna kazi. ‘We have an experiment in this and that place’ when you go to the ground hakuna kitu, wananza ‘ooh this season it was too hot in our greenhouses and the experiment failed’

Huwezi mpata @T255 kwa Uzi kama huu… Kuja bwana utueleze

Ya. Yes. Uko kazini unalipwa na hujui unafanya kazi gani. That is how a nationalist deals with retards wasting his time and the tax payers time.

Magufuli is on another level when it come to streamlining public services. Only a kenyan whiteman bootlicker will not agree with his achievements so far.

He makes a few mistakes, but he’s willing to go an extra mile to make sure things work for the common mwananchi… Very different from sitting down and growing a fat belly while shouting how dysfunctional systems and check balances imported from West have been established tie hands!