zero chills ...more of rodrigo duterte


[I]>>he called Pope Francis “son of a whore” after the pontiff’s visit to the Philippines in January created traffic chaos. Duterte later apologized for the comment.

At his exit ceremony in Davao, he jokingly threatened to cut off the penises of men who did not agree to use birth control.

“I believe in retribution. Why? You should pay. When you kill someone, rape, you should die,” he said during his farewell speech on Monday, defending his plan to restore the death penalty.[/I]

Just been offered a two year contract in Philippines, with this new development am having a rethink

Some of us have even worked in Afghanistan, if u think Phillipines is bad. There they chop off heads.

Well, seems like this guy is going for the head down below. And if that goes, I’m not sure there is a lot to live for


“Mind your own business, and I will mind mine”- yesterday during his inauguration. He is the TRUMP of Asia.