Zero chills from Trumpstan

Apparently This is an extract from Fox TV’s 24… Never watched it myself but using an impersonated real life clip of a terrorist attack on an entertainment show is way out of line and disrespect to the victims


They don’t imagine anyone in Africa watches the show, plus Americans are too busy stuffing their faces with burgers to know just what the hell Westgate is.
I don’t think they expected anyone to know.

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If our very own scum bags of leaders do not care, why should they?

Spoiler Alert!!! Sisi bado ona hii episode chieth!!


hiyo series si worth watching same chieth recycled muslims trying to bomb shiet american shooting them all as if hawana any any experience shooting stuff rating 6

Kwani there is a new 24 series haiyaaa…hi ni ya lini?


I would have apologised for the spoiler ispokua ni your unwarranted insult.
Besides the clip is less than a minute and may surpass as a trailer if you haven’t watched the episode

This is nothing unique to Kenya. Many '80s movies have snippets from The Vietnam War. Heck even Netflix’s Escobar that many of you love is interspersed with plenty of real footage.

Yes 24 legacy,so far 4 episodes

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Waah i dont think it will be the same without Jack Bauer

They said Egypt. Fucking cunts

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