Zawadi Nyongo…behold




Nothing to write home about.

Kavirondo beauty haigwes

I saw this njaruo recently, the same photos and wondered what she was trying to achieve.

Its only the Zinjanthropus @Swansea Woolworths Gilfillian Calixtus Sikorsky Saint Brutus Otoyo Sarajevo the Second, would find this lady attractive.

ule mtoi wa nyongo mwingine ni fulltime homosexual

The chest is flatter than that of most honorable Bifwoli Wakoli, EBS, HSC, MBS.

Kwa snow bila nguo?

I actually thot it was him here…real weird if this above is a woman… :D:D

Mpaka mbavu zinaonekana…aongeze flesh kiasi…passss.


She is fery handsome

Wacha ikae.
If given two options to choose from I.e either her or a bullet in the skull, I’ll choose the bullet.

What is her claim to fame. Coz it ain’t beauty or curves


Hehe…kamati ya roho chafu