Hi folks,
Am heading to Zanzibar on Thursday or Friday on some official duties, for two or three days. I need to have fun, not necessarily massage parlours or kuosha mecho, but just fun places to visit in the island. One of the places that I have found is the floating restaurant. I intend to tour the place, and if possible, have a meal there. Any other places worth visits?[ATTACH=full]204864[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]204863[/ATTACH]

Zanzibar is full of fun hakuna specific area to have fun. Labda mfuko yako ikuangushe.

hahahaaa, apart from mfuko, and ceteris peribus (other factors held constant), could you please highlight a few

  1. Use the Dar return ferry and pay 40USD for biz class
  2. Go caress a cheetah at a place they call the Rock
  3. Visit a spice farm
  4. Stone Town
  5. Kamua ata kama ni kinywaji cha mnazi

awesome stuff, thanks a lot friend

KTalk is full of retards if a talker feels the need to explain a Latin quote…

That ferry service is expensive,

Zii. Used it a fortnight ago. $25 for economy (avoid it) and $40 for business class

I guess not…used to be 75USD

Nothing special about that floating restaurant - mostly empty. Instead take a boat out to sea and watch dolphins. U can also swim with them if you are brave enough. Ukirudi pitia huto tu island huchomewe pweza. Jioni forodhani. You can also visit the Turtle farm & the slave caves.

Latin itombwe. No explanation needed.

I thought unakuwaga mbirrioneas:confused:? …

4k inakupeleka Kla and back.

Tumia peasa ikuzoee saa ingine,4k si kitu kwako

I didn’t know the meaning anywho Fala right?

Word of caution: don’t piss off the locals! Unaweza deport iwa ki-mchezo. :D:D