Zanzibar Revolution & The Mombasa Connection

My Trip through Coastal Kenya made me ponder over these things a lot
There is a lot the KE govt could have done to ensure the place isnt so marginalized
A lot of Blame can be placed directly on the successive KE govts since independence.
Not that the rest of the country is any better, but this region is particularly afflicted
I talked to one Chonyi man who was very bitter about the state of affairs.
The man in his long bitter ramblings even came off as having no regrets for supporting the Kaya Bombo uprisings that saw numerous killings and displacement of “Wabara” at the coast. Wabara being Luos at Likoni, Kikuyus and any other Kenyan from the hinterland.
I felt his bitterness.
Having seen what the center of Mombasa looks like, and the visible disparity in quality of life of “settlers” vs Locals, I thought, Maybe a Kaya Bombo like event could have succeeded if it had been done way earlier, maybe concurrently with the Zanzibar revolution…and if the Target would have been similar to the ones in Zanzibar. Because Mombasa Island seems to have retained loads of those ninjas.
But we are past that. We are in a new dispensation…and a fix can still come in handy. We all need fixes wherever we come from. And the govt is the biggest culprit.
The Chonyi dude was particular in stating that Karisa Maitha was the solution Coast needed. I think the solution shouldnt be sought from within the leadership. And this applies to the rest of the country.

Zenj Revolution brief

Kaya Bombo Case Files

Nonsense. They never acknowledge their own laziness while ranting about wabara. In coast unaeza enda kwa biashara ya mtu akatae kuku-serve ati amechoka. Sasa mbara akifika na a stronger work ethic bado wanawika marginalization. Ni nini ambayo wabara hupewa au kuja nayo yenye hao wa-coast hawana? Wamefanya nini na hizo 10 years za devolution? Mombasa is still a shithole with garbage all over, na ati hio ndio Kenya’s tourist capital. Huko Kilifi Amason Kingi anatafuna tu devolution funds badala ya kuleta maendeleo. Wawache ukumanina.

Thats not true kabisa, I was born and raised here and I have never heard that complaint before. The only time some people won’t serve you is on fridays when they have closed shop and gone to pray.

Obviously bad governance is the norm hapa vumbistan. But you can’t tell me pia nyinyi hapo nai you’re no chocking on your own filth. Yes, we’re a tourist region lakini isn’t nai the financial and economic hub of not only kenya but pia EA and central africa. Don’t you guys host multinational companies kama zote? The whole city is drowning in filth na wewe unapayuka payuka hapa unatukashif?

Achanga ma stereotypes, shida mkikuja pwani you guys think mko mbele sana. Next time kuwa mpole.

umetwanga huyo ghasia sweep moja safi.

If we all get fucked by the same government, why blame wabara for your woes? Ata nyinyi pia huwa na stereotypes about wabara. You treat people who don’t speak with that coastal accent like outsiders. Muache ushienzi.

Obviously watu wenye machungu will always look for someone to blame. Coastal people wameshaftiwa but yeah. Na pia, Usikuje kwa watu na kifua mbele nanii, ndiyo maana ninakwambia ukuje na upole na uwe mkarimu. Shida ni you come here with that bulldozing attitude that mnatumia in nai expecting people to pull over and get out of your way. That shit won’t work over here. We have our own culture and way of life. And if you think that we’re primitive basi kenya ni kubwa.

And I’m in no way invalidating your experience at the coast. And we should all treat everyone the same way we would like to be treated.

Tanzania vile iko expansive na ni nchi maskini , how do they operate huko neglected areas

I thought that’s why we have had governors for 10 years. Marginalized areas already get a fat check from equalization fund. School is free hospital is free. What marginalization are you talking about. Kwale has done great under devolution.

Tourism is dead. Korosho sector is dead. Fishing authority can’t get it’s act together. What exactly can be done?

So utalazimisha kampuni zifungue ofisi huko? Most industries in Nairobi start without any infrastructure. At some point it comes down to personal drive. Look at the Formosa group. Rheir founder was an illiterate laborer from a country without any official recognition. He founded a company worth $39 billion and strong.

You can claim that Nairobi also has bad leaders. But look at what the city did when it was threatened. It diposed of its bad leadership for a livable alternative. City’s ate living organisms. They have life the breath and die and they also react by deploying analogs of antibodies when threatened. Look at kiambu. They reacted and removed failed leadership. Almost all counties in central rejected their first lot of devolution leaders from governors to mcas. What is there is a major improvement from the first lot today. But look at the areas you’re talking about. Would removing leaders Even be possible.

. If the people feel that what they have is the right solution. Why are you complaining? Let them find theor own path in their own way. Respect people’s way of life as they have chosen it.

I know a coasterian when I meet one. This Swahili you speak is 100% not that of a person born and raised in the coast. ( keyword failures:- usikuje- usije, ukuje-uje….)