Zambians cry foul as State-owned newspaper publishes in Mandarin
As Chinese influence continues to grow rapidly in Zambia, the state-owned Times of Zambia newspaper has come up with an ingenious way of increasing their revenue - by publishing today’s lead story in Mandarin.

The article quotes President Edgar Lungu as saying Zambia “will not look east or west - we will look forward and go with whoever wants to go with us”.

Those are comments he made while hosting a Swiss delegation at the presidential palace yesterday.

Reporting the story in both English and Mandarin Chinese is a move aimed at tapping into the Chinese market, says chief government spokeswoman Dora Siliya.

“Times of Zambia aiming to increase revenue by targeting Chinese market. Today’s edition has a Chinese version of top story. They want to tap into Chinese advertising. Who moved my cheese? Times of Zambia responding.”

The ministers tweet was criticised by some.

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