Zambia elections so successful it doesn't even make the news.

Unlike normal elections in bonoboland(africa), from what I’ve read the violence was minimal and the guy who lost conceded. Normally we are used to riots, running battles, questions on legitimacy of the election, repression off opposition and use of state machinery. Inaonekana Zambia has shown that they have seen the light and don’t behave like unhinged bonobos anymore. In a funny twist even with state power and resources Lungu alishindwa asubuhi. Kenya should take notes.

Expected from a province of China

But can the samw be replicated at least the next four or five elections??

huyo ngombe wa Zambia aamejaribu 7 times the eight time ameshinda , ongeza hapo ni bossom buddy wa Raira. clearly the gods are sending a message to Raira and mukumbuke Raila won in 2002, 2007 and 2013 .

Zambia is a province of China. They employ even Chinese police. Ukiguza those slit eyed bastards, wewe kwisha

Raila’s odds went south the moment he joined his “brother” Uhuru. ODM ain’t as big as it was in the Coast, Eastern or North Eastern.


I just remember seeing young men die for that guy in 2017( darwin doing his thing) wengine were maimed for him. Msando being killed as well for the “right” thing.