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sura mbovu wamang’uthu kama @TrumanCapote

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Lipophilia or fat fetishism, also called, and more elegantly expressed, as lipophilia involves the experience of fat, fat body parts, “fat pads” (Corpus adiposum), or just “fatness” as extremely sexually arousing and fulfilling.

Lipophiliacs maintain an obsession with what is called corpos adiposum or “Fat pads,” areas of body fat that are plump, sizeable, soft, and round.
Thus the term “fat pads” describes the focus of the lipophiliac’s obsession.

Lipophiliacs can be rhapsodic and highly aroused about fatness, roundness, softness, and large size of their partner’s bodies, and, as well, the “folds” of fat (pannus) of their partners’ bodies.
Lipophiliacs may also of course be attracted to many of the fat people they encounter in every day settings and situations toward whom they experience significant attraction by virtue of these persons’ fatness, size, roundness, and softness.

Of Course , this should not be confused for BBBW Lovers
( … or Bootyology for that matter … )

The Two are quite distinct by Nature and Description … :D:D



she definetely looks better without makeup. makeup makes some women look like scarecrows

Ukipanua unaweza pata tissue katikati


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