Zalieni wazungu

Chimpanzee’s baby

Junguu’s baby

utazaa lini?

@TrumanCapote aki we malaya wacha kuita African men chimpanzees…fucking sheboon…its an upfront to your faite upbringing and elders…mbwa wewe

Singo mother, ni singo mother.


ugly pathetic sheebon attention seeking

@TrumanCapote supports


This is beastiality :Dam sure sheboon capote is true definition of a female ogre

Singo matha enda hapa.


Better a singo mother with a junguu baby than a singo mother with a chimpanzees baby bcz a chimpanzee will always be a chimpanzee. Ngombe ni ngombe tuu. Look at this monkey

Hio mapua sio ya mzungu that’s an albino