Zalieni wazungu how Raburu cheated on his ex wife while she was suffering still birth

I always tell you that chimpanzees never take anything seriously. Look at what they have done to their own continent. Look at how they would sell their own to slavery with out batting an eye lid. Do you think that a monkey or a gorilla in Willis Raburus case can be faithful?

If you want monogamy marry a Swan but if you can’t stand betrayal zalieni wazungu for your sanity and peace of mind. A monkey will turn you into an atheist but kuzalia wazungu will take you closer to God. You will see God in the beautiful face of your offspring. Blonde kinky hair and blue eyes.

ikiwa sisi ni tumbili kwa nini wewe hushirikiana nasi

No heartache. No baggage. No drama and relationship trauma. Nothing but cute junguu babies.

Bado hujazaalia mzungu ? Cope harder no one wants a post wall sheboon with a concoction of mental illnesses. :meffi:

this fucking sheboon bitch…meffi kabisa

Are u paid to come up with the same headline everyday. Tuonane Kesho tena on you zaleini wazungu headline…

desperate attention seeking antics by an old sheboon

Hujawahi sikia nyani haoni kundule! It applies here

Baba yako sio mzungu kwa hivo yeye pia ni chimpanzee?

Kuita sisi Chimpanzee ni kutusi babake , I guess this sheboon was molested by her father , labda he inserted his finger in her developing borehole or maybe her uncle shoved his anaconda in her mouth therefore the hate .
Ktalk is 99% men .wen she is coming with hekaya zakuzalia wazungu does she mean the LGBT community led by @Weyn and @Nipe Nikusifu ?

Be as humble as your dad and your entire lineage. Ghaseer

Wazungu age terribly, stop lying. a 30yr old mzungu looks like he’s 60. Apana skiza huyu, black don’t crack, kwanza tafutia mkamba kama Mutua, kamtu kana kaa 30 na amekula chumvi mbaya sana.

If black is so hot why is it leading in shit hole countries. It’s only a chimpanzee who thinks that how you look matters more than what is in your brain in this world .Go look at the list of billionaires and tell me how many black folk are there. It is not just the looks I’m after here. It’s the IQ and the white privilege that comes with it. Nobody will trust a black man over a pointee. You know it and I know it.

Kujumuika na kuzaa are two different things. Uneza jumuika hadi na wanyama but huwezi zaa nao. Ikikuja kwa mambo serious kama kizazi, tumbili ni blunder but for gumzo/fun ni sawa that’s why we go to the parks Kujumuika nao.

Malaya mzee mbwa ghaseeer unaongeanga aje ni kama hauja tombwa miaka 7… mbwa

Shida ya huyu mumama ukuaga nini?

Deep down I know you wish you were white. Too bad. Aging is genetics, do your history there’s a time back then when moors ruled the world, blacks even conquered the seas before to things changed.