Zakayo's militia poorly trained ?




Apana risk maisha yako for 30k.

:Dthe same people are deployed to hunt down armed bandits. Mission dead on arrival

I really pity police officers, This guys are struggling in life, they wish for this changes but lazima kazi. I would propose each station to have a counselor. How do you vent?

:D:D:DD- anapanda ukuta haraka kushinda Spider Man :smiley:


So much for peaceful demonstrations:D.

:D:D:D:D @dr.n @Circledot umeona hii maneno? Monday tunarudi tena sisi kama Baba’s Ground Forces Mechanized Infantry division

My cousin huniambia any time amepangwa operation, they don’t confront the enemy fwaa. Coz ng’ombe kama imeibiwa na sii yake imeibiwa, mbona aingize ndani feelings? Mwenye ng’ombe kama anavalue hio ng’ombe yake basis achukue bunduki aifwate. Anasemanga hawezi kufa juu ya mali ya wanaume wengine.


Hata kama uko well trained, it’s better to run.

Mobs can kill you. Ogopa umati

Kukulana mapipi Kwa police house quarters

Hapo sawa monday tuko streets tena

Anakumbuka akona familia inamtegemea, babake, mamake, bro, siz na wengine. Kazi ngumu sana

no offence but your cousin is retarded

This current administration should atleast increase their salaries to motivate them coz the way I see the reluctance to stop protestants will increase as the demos go on na hivi ndio serikali ubadilishwa

When you confront a bandit who is determined to kill as many of you as possible what does that make you? A hero?

Na vile ule midget CS alikuwa akijijichocha na military regalia akipeana order in saprano. Ati you will face the full force of the law. While the law enforcers were running holding their falling rungus.

The only police officer with brains. Badala ya kubishana na umati, he chose to engage them in dialogue.
I guess his seniors will fire him or deploy him to mandera for using his brains.

Kuhandle hawa demonstrators ni rahisi Sana, especially wale wa Kisumu. Don’t throw teargas at them. Just let them be and as long as they are not destroying public or private properties, just let them be. And trust me before saa sita, demonstrations ingekuwa imeisha. Like these five police officers, wanaona umati inakuja and the were the first ones to throw teargas at them. The people had to respond. I mean, Kama police wangewacha Raila aongee from Kamkunji ground all the way to mathare nothing would have happened to them. Sasa mko watu wa tano na teargas mbili and you want to control a crowd of thousands, common sense could have told them not to engage or wait for back up so they can engage

Huyo D- apewe Kazi za CS interior. Huyo mblikimo apelekee soprano Kwa Bunge.