Zakayo's Chopper Business

This is Zakayo’s 5th Chopper …

They are leased mostly to Government and State Cortporations at USD: 2300 per hour / KES: 230K per hour , average of 30 Hrs / Month.

He also bills Government when he tangatangas in his own chopper.

He is milking the public KES 300 Million per Year.


I wonder …
Does he declare that Income to KRA … ??? :blush:

Good money

Zakayo is not a thief. He earns his money honestly from his 1 million chicken giving him Sh 2 million per day :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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You Tugeges will belive ANYTHING

Assuming he has 1 million Birds worth KES: 900 - 1000 each …

  • what is the total value of that flock …??
  • how much is spent feeding them …??
  • what size space and infrastructure is required to maintain them …??

Upus Mtupu:blush: