Zakayo wants you to spend your Valentines day praying for rain

This Venezuelan government itatuonyesha mambo, for the 15 years of Zakayo in government, he never did boreholes and dams then now we should help his administration pray for rain. Actually sacrifice our Valentines day to do so. Is this guy serious? Did he ask us for help when he was eating Kimwarer, Arror and Galana? Boss Kenyans are tired of the high drama you are serving us especially on Sundays in so called Thanks giving services. Prayers can not replace planning but how would you know that when you are totally clueless and have no plan whatsoever besides looting.

Usitusumbue. Valentines day comes once a year and we won’t sacrifice it to help you gaslight Kenyans that our problem is we need to pray more. Our problem is you and ‘leaders’ like you. You go pray. Send your wife and kids too. Ain’t that your mantra when its Baba asking Kenyans to join hands. We will not keep on praying for God to save us from consequences of your corruption. Tax us to death if you want. After the drought comes the floods. Will you ask us to pray too when it’s obvious that God is not on your side you idolater? Your god is money and power, don’t fool sincere Christians. You don’t give a damn about God otherwise you would have left the old, disabled and children at the Kiambaa church.

We will be attending Valentines dinner hosted by the church. You send your wife and kids to ask God to cover your shame, your past and the fact that since you stole that seat nothing is working out for you. God can not be mocked. Do not be deceived. You are under judgment and no amount of prayer will change that. So stop disturbing Kenyans. Return the Kimwarer money in time to set up a dam by the time the floods hit.

All river beds have grass now. Do you really think God would allow this if you were a righteous King? Anyway keep going with that group of hyenas wakina Ole Sapit. Utajua Mungu sio mtoto wako. This will be the worst presidency ever. Even your sycophants will soon realize that the kind of calamity facing Kenya ain’t normal. It’s the judgement of God.

Happy Valentines day Azimio Patriots let’s join Baba in celebration of Mama Ida. Maombi tutaombea wale tunapenda not mocking God praying for rain after eating Kimwarer funds. Shindwe.

Wololowololowololo. This Ruto guy is a con man. I was telling people the other day that it’s even high time Kenyans we reject this govt totally for the sake of our children. They don’t deserve the mess that Ruto can cause in one year let alone 10 years. Na Ruto looks like the president everyone would revolt against in Kenya. It’s just a matter of time.

The budget for the event is 100 million the tender is going to his dotas pr firm. Some silly Kenyans still waiting for a miracle to happen with this guy. LOL. Kenyans are so gullible.