Zakayo flies away to Sugoi after Baba announces March to statehouse

Mambo ina endelea kuchemka. Let me go shopping naona kwanzia kesho tuko afro cinema wadau. From Tunisia. To Nigeria. To Sous A freaka. To Kinyia. Dramaaaa all over the continent. Hope our correspondents all over the country will keep us posted. Naskia CNN. BBC. Reuters. Al Jazeera washaland ready to cover the wahala bro. Go shop coz it’s lockdown time my frens. We don’t want you to starve in the house. Me all I need is water. Body fat can last me a month at least. But I am still stocking up coz hii vita ya Ruto na Baba has been over 20 years in the making. It’s going to be the battle Royale. Me as team Baba I have my red barrette in solidarity. Tuko pamoja team Azimio. Tukutane pale kwa channel yetu through out the revolution. Aluta continua.

My pipo. My pipo. Open your eyes and answer the call of the land. Azimio. Azimio. Raila Odinga. Soon we shall all be as one. Kenya. Aluta continua. Aluta continua, continua.

Huyo mwizi ame endea ndumbaaa Kwa wazee wa talai.

I can’t support stupid keyhee Rao partly because @uwesmake sucks him and also he will destroy this Kenya .I thought ameshindwa akaenda mbondo