Zaha Mohammad Hadid

Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid DBE RA (Arabic: زها حديد‎ Zahā Ḥadīd; 31 October 1950 – 31 March 2016) was a Iraqi architect, artist and designer, recognised as a major figure in architecture of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Hadid studied mathematics as an undergraduate and then enrolled at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in 1972. In search of an alternative system to traditional architectural drawing, and influenced by Suprematism and the Russian avant-garde, Hadid adopted painting as a design tool and abstraction as an investigative principle to “reinvestigate the aborted and untested experiments of Modernism […] to unveil new fields of building.”[1]


Zaha Mohammad Hadid

31 October 1950

Baghdad, Kingdom of Iraq

Died31 March 2016 (aged 65)

Miami, Florida, U.S.


Zaha was playing in a different wavelength… she was simply brilliant. Tukiwa campo we had dreams of being the best designers in world … and boom our studio lecturer introduced Zaha works in power point presentation… inabaki umekula humble pie.

I never knew She was behind this.

Mimi hupenda kuweka picha ya the person in Subject after steamy presentation. I’ll help you



You know she died



I posted her Birth date and Departure date. I’ve the privilege of shaking her hand .

wapi . where did you shake her hands? alikuja federal way?

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