Zaeni na wazungu

Niggas ain’t shit.

Why you keep posting in a nigga forum(answered: attention seeker to utube lol)…akili yako haiko…I’m sure bazungu kkk forum will welcome ure hate for black men…kabla wakuweke pampers kwa mapua

Mawimbo dedicated from Franky while taking Corazon to Karura forest. Misoto and love is a lethal concoction.Maureen refused to cuddle in Uhuru Park high maintenance @Finest wine

High maintenance manenos

Shida yangu sipendi baridi. Why hate on white folk. You talk their language and wear their clothes. Tupende wazungu aisee.

Don’t switch how you get utube views…be a beard hairy chested shemale who hates her father…attention you seek…lol…utajinyonga after harvesting $17 alafu wakublock kabla monetizing…wooie

to them wewe ni jungle bunny… nothing more

A certain feminist retard worshipping white men…while posting shit about black men blended with BS you tube videos… SMH na sijataja mtu:D:D:D:D:Dyou need serious therapy sessions

But hoes and tricks…

But who told you hakuna wazungu wamesota? ni wengi sana sana…
But I do agree with you to some extent, especially when I look at the breed of Kenyan men online. Afathali mzungu when it comes to child maintenance and matters moving on from a bad relationship.

Sasa mwanaume gani kazi ni gym na ku Hana beard? Better those tricks by far. Frankly Franky is worse, he’s a dead beat

Si ukubali utombwe machungu yaishe?